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This section of the XMLDatasets website is being used as an open demonstration, combining multiple standards-based technologies for online creation and cataloging of StratML documents on the web.


The primary goal of the associated form and script is to demonstrate XForms capabilities with the newest StratML schema along with the converted files provided by Drybridge Technologies. The form's functionality is provided with XSLTForms, an open source client-side non-plug-in implementation of XForms that works with all major browsers.

Users should be able to author new StratML files, import files from the web or local hard drives, update the form, view the updated XML using various tools including versions with and without stylesheets, and save the updated file locally for editing at a later time or posting to a web server.

Strategy Markup Language (StratML) is an American national standard XML vocabulary and schema for strategic plans (ANSI/AIIM 21:2009). Government agencies and nonprofit public service organizations (charities) are obliged to share their plans openly and freely with citizens, taxpayers, donors, and other stakeholders. Such plans are commonly issued in glossy print publications and may also be posted on the Web in Portable Document Format (PDF). While those formats may be attractive to the eye, they do not make it easy for the reader to find individual goals and objectives that are of interest to them nor do they facilitate reuse of the information in other publications, applications, and services. The StratML standard enables value-added services to address those problems.

To demonstrate the utility of the standard, over 550 documents have been used to copy the information into the StratML format. A list of these files are available through the URLs to try link above.


By Cataloging the plan, users are able to share updated Strategic Plans through standards-based Atom catalogs (main catalog) and, by associating plans with subjects, help support the discovery of potential collaborators.

Anyone can access and subscribe to the catalogs and automatically be notified of plans of interest to them.

Atom is a syndication format that provides an excellent means for electronic cataloging. From its inception, the intent has been for Atom to be extended to encompass reuse of additional XML formats, like Dublin Core for metadata. The W3C Feed Validator provides a list of registered namespaces to enhance the Atom format. This Atom feed demonstrates the cataloging of strategic plans not only by publishers of StratML files but also by the community interested in these plans.


The associated XForms and scripts are being created as a voluntary and open venture with the assistance of the following people. Thanks for all the help!

  • Owen Ambur
  • Joe Carmel
  • Alain Couthures
  • Arthur Colman
  • Ken Holman
  • Sylvia Webb
  • Terry Brady
  • Kurt Cagle
  • Dan McCready
  • Adam Schwartz
  • Betty Harvey
  • KC Morris
  • Josh Lubell
  • Ari Knausenberger
  • Betsy Fanning

January 2010
Revised: February 10, 2010